Way back when, (not exactly sure when) I started decorating our house with lights. Over the years I added a few lights and a few more and a few more with yard stuff also. I was told many times by people that our house reminded them of a gingerbread house when it was all lit up. I have went from plugging a cord in thru the window to 1 outlet outside to 2 outlets outside and this year to 7 20 amp outlets outside to provide all of the electricity the 2011 display will require.

I, like a lot of other people saw the video that went across the internet with the lights synchronized to music. I was hooked and decided that I had to do that. I had always wanted to do something like that but did not have the digital electronics knowledge to do it. But as with all electronic equipment, technology, power and price have made it possible to buy controllers for this purpose now. So I set out in 2007 to try my hand at a synchronized Christmas light show. I bought my software in December 2006 and played with it thru 2007. In May of 2007 the company that I decided to go with has an annual sale that month and I bought my controllers and interface package. In October I started putting my plan together and making all of the tree’s, and putting the controllers together, along with a plan of what things would look like. I also started programming the songs I was going to use. Things went pretty well until I started to hook it all up, That took a hole lot more time than I ever thought it would. But in the end it all worked and looked good.

For 2008 I have added 5 leaping arches and have spent hours & hours making these from scratch and reprogramming the software to include these in the sequences.

For 2009 I am in the process of adding a 13 foot high mega tree with about 6000 lights on it and synchronizing it also to the music.

For 2011 I have had the song, House On Christmas Street by Judy Pancoast redone by her to include elements in my setup. Judy Pancoast

For 2012 we are starting to switch over to the LED lights.

For 2013 I have update to almost all led lighting now with just a very few things left still incandesant. I also added a quartet of singing Christmas trees to the display.
For 2014 Converted the singing trees to LED's. That finished up converting everthing over to LED light's.

For 2015 No Change.

For 2016 No Change.

For 2017 added 8 RGB floods and new LED Merry Christmas sign.

For 2018 added 8 RGB candy canes. 19 more RGB floods for a total of 27 and 400 mini strobes on mega tree

For 2019 adding mini strobes to the 14 mini trees around the house

For 2020 adding mini strobes to the 12 mini trees along the sidewalk

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