How it works

The software that you program the lights to go on, off, flicker, fade down, fade up with looks like a spreadsheet. The rows on the left side are your electrical channels or circuits. The columns are your timing blocks to turn the lights on and off.

Controller assembly steps below

Box with strain reliefs put in

Box with controll board installed

Box with half of the output cables installed

The timing marks are adjustable from .1 seconds to ??
You decide when you want the lights to blink, on , off, ect. with the music by highlighting a particular cell on what ever channel you want. The new software has a visual sound wave to help see the music beats and sounds. Which makes it a lot easier to see if your cells line up with the music beats
As the music plays the cursor moves from left to right. As it crosses over the colored cells it tells that channel what electrically to do.
All of this info is then transferred to the controllers that are outside where your lights and displays are at thru a cat 5 computer cable. The controller then deciphers all of this and then turns the electricity to your lights on, off, blink, fade, or whatever you programmed it to do.
The picture below represents the style of controller I use. 1 power cord in and 16 controlled power cords out.

Box with all output cables installed

Arch assembly pictures

Had to first build a turner to rotate the pipe so I could wrap the lights on the pvc pipe. It helps to have some old copier parts around and an old auto window motor also.
Before I could start wraping the pipe I ran all of my power cords along the pipe and wrapped the lights over the top of them.
This is the first section of 100 lights to go on. I wrapped 7 sections of 100 lights to get the effect I wanted. This made a 7 channel arch.
Here are the finished arches with the power pigtails. The next step is to hammer stakes in the ground at about 7 feet apart and then slide each end of the pvc over the stakes in the ground

Complete ready to go controll box

2013 Misc. and Led Pictures

Casses of icicle lights arived in July.

The work started to get these all on the hanging pipe. On the peak pipes, I had to make smaller sets of led strings to get the full lenght I needed.

Had 2 new wreaths made for the north and south attic windows. Here I am stringing on the new led rope light off of 150 foot spool.

Just a little closer look at the led's going on the wreath.

Starting to assemble new controller box for the singing quartet.

New controller box done and ready to use. 

Using M.A. meter to see what resistors I need in the new led set's

My resister assortment for different led bulb counts 

End of line diodes and resisters

First inline diodes and resisters

End of line diodes and resisters sealed up and ready

Old stuff retrofited with new led lights